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Katrin Vahter Sektretär +372 6057270
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Jaanika Aasa Ostujuht +372 6057273

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+372 53302019 arved[ät]bdp.ee
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Baltic Distribution Partner

BDP Eesti OÜ

Jälgimäe tee 13, Tänassilma

Saku vald, 76406 Harjumaa


Tel: +372 6057 270 


Dear Partners and Friends,


Nearly eight years ago I started in BDP and have been working in different positions such as Product Manager, Purchase Manager, Sales and Marketing Manager. Due to my various positions I have had a rare opportunity to know the business both sides – vendors and customers, also it is hard to even dream about better team than it was in BDP Eesti. I have enjoyed working for the company and I appreciate the support from all of you!  That is why it is extremely hard for me to say that next week will be my last week in BDP and from 7th of April there will be new contacts for you (most of you have already met them), who will take over my responsibilities:

Martin Kirikal – Sales and Marketing Manager (he will be responsible for sales strategies and planning, brand marketing, brand awareness and developement)

Mobile: +372 5129286

E-mail: martin.kirikal@bdp.ee


Katrin Padrik – Purchasing Manager (she will be responsible for purchasing, forecast, logistics and reports)

Mobile: +372 54005434

E-mail: katrin.padrik@bdp.ee


As most of you know that I live from Tallinn about 110 km away in the nice beach town Pärnu and every day I spend driving around almost 3 hours to work and home. That is one of the reasons I decided to take the new opportunity in completely different field as a Factory Manager in Pärnu.


I would like to thank you all for making my job so fun and enjoyable. I have given my word to support BDP with my knowledge and ideas as much as possible when I leave the company, so it would be easier for Martin and Katrin to carry on. As my collegues, so are you welcome in Pärnu, if you happen to visit this small town, just let me know – my contacts you can find easily via LinkedIn.


I wish you all the best and hope to see you in future!


Sincerely Yours,


Rauno Loonurm

BDP Eesti Ltd. 

Sales and Marketing Manager 

Jälgimäe tee 13, Tänassilma küla 

Saku Vald 

76406 Harjumaa, Estonia 

+372 6057 275  

+372 6057 278 (fax) 

+372 5122 119 (GSM)


SKYPE: rauno.loonurm