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Brands Manhattan

Successful partnerships are built on trust, commitment and delivery on expectations that lead to real, measurable results. MANHATTAN was conceived in 1987 with these precepts as its foundation. They are as instrumental today as they were during the formative years, when the company established and continually refined efficient and highly reliable international production capabilities with one purpose in mind: supporting a business model exclusively focused on meeting the product and service needs of the personal computing distributor and reseller channel.

That mission has never changed despite the dynamic nature of the industry. We've always stood by the PC distributor and reseller with higher-than-average profit margins and responsive service no matter the company size or order value.

Solid quality control. Exceptional products. Immediate availability. A keen sense of what distributors and their customers need to build and grow. Each year, MANHATTAN sets new standards of excellence based on emerging technologies, evolving market expectations and customer requirements.

As you consider your options today – the factors that determine where you choose to source PC peripherals, components, cables and accessories – think beyond the basics. Consider why MANHATTAN exists. Personal computing is our business. And we’re completely dedicated to the success of the channel and those who depend upon it. This has been our pledge for nearly 25 years.

With MANHATTAN, distributors have always benefited from a broad selection of high-quality products at competitive prices. A Lifetime Warranty program safeguards purchases and reinforces confidence and loyalty. An easy-to-navigate Web site provides detailed product overviews, features and specifications with convenient end user support and download tools. Our channel sales and technical support specialists have the knowledge and skills you expect and require from a partner with worldwide reach and expertise.

We understand the markets you serve, the challenges you face, and what it takes to help you sustain competitive advantage and drive financial results. We're here for you. MANHATTAN and its reputation are built on years of proven experience and channel proficiency that grow with you.

Trust, commitment, delivery and results – that’s the MANHATTAN way everyday.